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At some point after his re-enlistment to the SPARTAN-IV Program, Gabriel Thorne wrote a journal entry, depicting his thoughts on his new status as a SPARTAN and the little history the supersoldiers had.

February 6th, 2558[edit]

I’m a Spartan now, after months of surgery and training just so I could survive using the armor. So here I am, sitting on Infinity, sore as hell from the War Games runs today. Commander Palmer says we’re on the line at 0500, but wouldn't say what to expect. I learned in the Army that when somebody high up wants you ready, but won’t tell you why, it means a fight is coming. I was reading up on how, 500 years ago, a military group called the “Air Force” split off the Army to form its own branch. It got me thinking about how little Spartan history there is. I can tell you that Carl Spaatz was the Air Force’s first Chief of Staff. But when I try to find out where 117 came from, there’s nothing. Not his real name, or how he trained. I can’t even find out for sure if there were other S-IIs. Some say there were, but others say the Master Chief was the only one. It’s almost as hard to piece together the story of the Spartan-IIIs-just a few mentions from around when the Covenant hit Reach. Us, though, the Spartan-IVs - we’re official as can be. Like with Infinity, the UNSC press corps can’t enough of talking about how we’re the best of the best. But even then, there are rumors. Where we’re stationed. How we’re recruiting more to build our forces. Maybe someday, when I’m retired, I’ll tell the real story of the Spartan-IVs. And I’ll tell everyone how damn proud I felt tonight, here, on Infinity.


The entry was included in the back of the Infinity Briefing Packet in the Halo 4 Limited Edition.