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Central Commands or CENTCOMs are UNSC military commands with responsibility over a certain area of space.


In 2531, the Victoria branch of the Insurrectionists contacted the regional CENTCOM offering a trade of nuclear weapons for UNSC medical services, as the Human-Covenant War had all but depleted the UNSC's nuclear arsenal in that sector. CENTCOM considered the offer, and eventually sent SPARTAN-II Blue Team to raid the rebels' base, get the weapons, and target any rebel leaders if possible.[1]

Prior to Operation: TORPEDO in 2545, the local CENTCOM had sent nuclear weapons launched from slipspace in an attempt to neutralize the Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta, failing to do so as the Covenant could easily detect and destroy them due to the Čerenkov radiation they emitted when exiting slipspace.[2]

Vice Admiral Kopano N'Singile served in Reach CENTCOM during 2552.[3] Reach's CENTCOM helped coordinate the planet's defense against the Covenant during the Fall of Reach. At one point during the battle, CENTCOM authorized the UNSC Majestic to fire on a ground target, despite Beta Red still being in the target area.[4] Earth's regional CENTCOM coordinated the UNSC defense against the Covenant invaders during the Battle of Earth. On November 3, 2552, it was mentioned that the Earth CENTCOM's communications channels were dropping off-line.[5]

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