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"A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him."
—Magazine Ad

Believe is a Microsoft marketing campaign for Halo 3 produced by New Deal Studios. It features the word "Believe" as a tagline, and appears to be honoring the legacy of SPARTAN-117, citing him as a hero of the United Nations Space Command whose brave actions inspired other servicemen during the Human-Covenant War.

It includes handouts, live-action TV commercials, magazine page advertisements, and XBOX live marketplace ads.



  • Diorama - An interactive flash movie, a part of the Believe campaign for Halo 3. It is a fly through of the John-117 Monument, and can be viewed at the Halo 3 website.
  • On, there was a collection of photographs from war photographer Jake Courage titled "Shooting a Hero".


  • Museum - A live-action TV commercial featuring Retired Major Pawel Czernek, a UNSC veteran that fought in the Battle of New Mombasa alongside SPARTAN-117, reminiscing of his memories of the inspiring hero.
  • Hunted - A live-action TV commercial.
  • Enemy Weapon - A live-action TV commercial.
  • Gravesite - A live-action TV commercial that explores the battleground and talks of Spartan 117's "death".
  • Believe: The John 117 Monument - A live-action online video, describing the in-universe construction of the memorial diorama.
  • Shooting a Hero - A trailer detailing the photos of John-117 that Jake Courage took.


  • Believe - A pamphlet distributed at the Project Revolution musical festival, featuring in-universe musical presentation of the UNSC Symphony Orchestra.
  • Believe Plaques - Plaques were displayed in several locations. The dates on some of these plaques are canonically incorrect, describing Human-Covenant War events involving John-117 happening in mid-2553 and later, despite the fact that the war had ended and John was Missing In Action by that time.
  • Art Galleries - Several photographs were shown in art galleries in the UK that were photos by Jake Courage.


Production notes[edit]

  • The creators of the campaign were not informed of the story of Halo 3,[citation needed] leading to multiple inconsistencies with the narrative depicted in Believe and the game's story. The diorama presents a very loose representation of the Battle of New Mombasa, the most prominent contradiction with the actual events being the Master Chief's capture by a Brute Chieftain and his supposed self-sacrifice by detonating a plasma grenade. Because of these discrepancies, the Believe campaign can be understood as a cover-up operation performed by ONI Section Two to cover up the truth about the Forerunners, the Halo Array, and the Flood from the general public whilst providing a fictionalized explanation for the Master Chief's disappearance.
  • Stan Winston Studio was responsible for the diorama featured in the Halo 3 Believe ads.[citation needed]
  • The melody that was used in the Believe commercials was created by Polish pianist Frédéric Chopin and is called "Preludes #15, Raindrop".


  • In the Halo 3: ODST campaign levels Mombasa Streets and Tayari Plaza, there are several graffiti where the player can read BELIEVE, a reference to the Halo 3 marketing campaign.
  • A new trailer released for the game Serious Sam HD entitled "Seriously Believe" is an obvious tribute or parody to the Believe campaign, utilizing a selection of frozen in-game views in place of the models, a similar track, and a black screen at the end with the words "Seriously Believe" appearing, very similar to the original "Believe" trailer.


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